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Suzhou Huaqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. , the leading Chinese enterprise that provides effective solutions of automation and information-based systems for transportation applications, is the first and only high-tech company capable of offering a wide range of products, techniques, system integration, operation services and consultancy for high-speed railway, train, urban rail transit, interurban railway, urban railway and aviation in China. Huaqi is concentrated on core value creation for customers by improving the means and experience of traveling.
Located in beautiful Suzhou National New & High-tech Industrial Development Zone, a modern information industry park of 133 thousand square meters, Huaqi started the first excellent VES project for CRH trains with completely independent intellectual property rights of his own since 2007.  Supported by the advanced technology of Tsinghua University, Huaqi has developed a great variety of high-tech products such as  on-board passenger information system (on-board PIS), train control and remote diagnosis system, train network control system for high-speed railway, subway, interurban railway, urban railway, modern tram and passenger train, subway ground passenger information system (ground PIS), on-board information system for Chinese commercial aircrafts, etc..Huaqi now is becoming more and more well-known by products of high level of safety, reliability, energy-efficiency and green technology both in domestic and international markets.
Based on its superb products and services in the rail transit industry, Huaqi is gradually expanding its field to “air, sea and land” transportation areas. 26 after-sales service centers have been set up in major cities of China for better customer service, which prevent our customers from any potential anxiety. 
With the vision to “Set a good industry example, Lead the industry and Become a world-famous brand of automation & information-based systems in transportation”, Huaqi has fostered the corporate culture of “High aspiration, constant innovation, impeccable integrity, quick response, team work and unbreakable solidarity”, thus embracing continuous innovation and excellence with any possible support to build a new era of superior automation & information-based products in Railway Industry. 
With Huaqi, we are innovating the future Railway Industry in China.  


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